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Han Kun's Commercial Dispute Resolution Practice comprises experienced lawyers, who have made exceptional achievements in their respective fields, and has been considered one of the top dispute resolution practices in China. All our lawyers are graduates of first-tier law schools at home or abroad. They have acted as representatives in important litigations, arbitrations, or administrative review cases of both domestic and foreign courts, arbitral tribunals, or administrative agencies, and have a profound and unique understanding of the operation of the legal system and specific judicial practices, and some also have work experience with public security agencies, courts, and arbitral tribunals. Many lawyers in the practice are also members of bars in the United States, Hong Kong, and other jurisdictions. We can provide legal services to clients in multiple languages and ensure that our clients receive comprehensive dispute resolution legal services-across jurisdictions, languages, fields, and industries.


The advantages of our diversified practice complement each other, enabling us to choose the most suitable lawyers to form a project team according to the demands of a particular case, and to provide multilevel and efficient legal support through close team cooperation. Especially in dealing with complex disputes, Han Kun, with our rich practical experience, solid capabilities, and close team cooperation, can quickly clear case facts, accurately identify the focus of disputes, efficiently form solutions, and ultimately realize our clients' objectives.


We have been focusing on providing professional dispute resolution services for material, difficult, and complex commercial disputes. We have long served many top companies in a broad range of fields and industries at home and abroad, providing personalized and effective solutions for their commercial disputes. Furthermore, in addition to acting as agents in domestic litigation and arbitration cases, Han Kun also participates in international arbitration cases on behalf of our clients at international arbitral institutions, including in Singapore, Hong Kong and Stockholm.


While respecting the judicial practices and judgments, we never abandon innovative problem solving. Breakthrough solutions based on innovative thinking are can be surprisingly successful and achieve results greater than expected-it is this approach which fundamentally distinguishes Han Kun from other competitors in the field.


Core Areas of Practice

Han Kun provides our clients with legal services for the following types of disputes:

  • Company Control Rights Disputes

  • Equity Investment and Repurchase Disputes

  • Corporate and Securities Disputes

  • Private Equity and Financial Management Disputes

  • Sale of Goods and Service Contract Disputes

  • Finance and Lending Disputes

  • Real Estate and Construction Project Disputes

  • Unfair Competition and Antitrust Disputes

  • International Arbitration and Cross-border Dispute Resolution

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Disputes

  • Administrative Reconsideration and Administrative Litigation

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