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As a socially responsible enterprise, Han Kun Law Offices ("Han Kun") has been dedicated to the advancement of public welfare since its establishment in 2004. Han Kun actively participates in the community, including investing in education and other efforts within the legal community. Through the years, Han Kun has promoted the professional development of students by setting up scholarships, conducting practice-sharing courses in universities, and making donations for disaster relief. Han Kun's lawyers actively utilize their professional legal knowledge and experience to provide high-quality pro bono legal services and invest considerable time and energy in promoting the publicity and education of the law. In the eyes of Han Kun's lawyers, it is their due responsibility to actively undertake social responsibilities.

Han Kun has experienced and benefited from the tremendous changes and rapid development of Chinese society. In the service spirit of "being grateful and giving back to the community," Han Kun has established an ESG committee which is dedicated to coordinating and facilitating sustainable ESG practices, participating in public welfare activities, undertaking social responsibility, and promoting of the development of public welfare undertakings for the entire firm.

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The Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship

As China's leading full-service law firm, Han Kun has expanded and benefited from the tremendous changes and growth in China's legal industry. In light of this growth, we have an ongoing need to attract elite legal talent.

In order to enhance the professional skills of Chinese legal practitioners, encourage outstanding legal talent to pursue advanced legal studies and promote the sustainable progress and prosperity of China's legal industry, Han Kun launched the Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship (the "Scholarship") to award exceptional young graduates with outstanding academic records from China's universities (including universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) who are continuing their education by pursuing advanced legal degrees at top-tier Chinese or foreign law schools (inclusive of JD, LLM and LLB degrees in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign law schools), and who plan on pursuing a legal career in Mainland China after completing their studies in China or abroad.

The Scholarship totals RMB 500,000 annually, and is awarded to 5 outstanding law students who each receive RMB 100,000.

For more details about the Scholarship (e.g., eligibility, application materials, selection procedures), please refer to 2024-Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship Application Rules and Procedures and 2024-Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship Application Form.

If you have any questions about the application, please send an email to:

We strongly believe that as more enterprises, social entities and individuals participate in non-profit activities

we will collectively enjoy a better society.

Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship

Application Policy

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Application Form

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