Yang You
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Work experience

Ms. Yang You focuses her practice mainly on asset management-related litigation/arbitration and compliance services, and has extensive experience in advising on legal issues involving real estate and general corporate matters, among others.  Ms. You has served as general legal counsel for a well-known trust company for many years, and has advised on dispute resolutions for many trust companies and companies engaged in a wide array of asset management services.
Prior to joining Han Kun, Ms. You practiced law for nearly 20 years with King & Wood Mallesons in the firm’s dispute resolution department.  Ms. You has proven expertise in handling new and complex asset management-related disputes through litigation and arbitration procedures, achieving results satisfactory to her clients.  Since 2011, Ms. You has represented clients, including trust companies, and securities companies, fund companies and their subsidiaries, in handling over 100 dispute resolution cases involving trusts, funds, and asset management and nested asset management products, involving amounts exceeding RMB 20 billion and subject matters covering trust loans, equity investments, stock and debt, specific asset income rights/repurchases of equity (stock) income rights, securities investment, and the application and implementation of compulsory execution for the satisfaction of debt claims, objections to execution, and lawsuits objecting to execution.  Ms. You often provides professional trainings, business consulting services, and compliance trainings for well-known trust companies and companies engaged in asset management services.
Ms. You has been recognized as a "Client Choice Top 20 Lawyers in China" by ALB in 2015 and 2017.

Educational background

Ms. You received an LL.B. degree from Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 1999.

Practice qualification

Member of the PRC Bar

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Professional field

Han Kun
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