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Han Kun provides clients with asset-backed securitization legal services.  Our partners and associates engage in in-depth research on relevant asset-backed securitization rules, establish close connections and communication channels with governmental authorities (including regulatory authorities and stock exchange markets) to obtain timely and thorough understandings of governing rules.  We provide our clients with valuable, actionable advice, such as designing prospective deal structures and transaction terms, actively engaging in market practices and innovation products, and assisting in identifying and solving issues in this complicated and increasingly strict regulatory environment.


Core Areas of Practice

Han Kun is experienced with transactions in connection with all ABS products, including credit asset ABS, enterprise asset ABS, ABNs, and other ABS products issued for private investors.  Han Kun provides professional legal services for a variety of ABS transactions (including designing deal structures, due diligence, asset restructuring, drafting transaction documents, and providing legal opinions).  Our representative cases include:

  • Private-REITs, CMBS and other real estate ABS

  • Insurance policy loan ABS

  • Consumer loan ABS

  • Lease receivable ABS

  • Property receivable ABS

  • Auto-finance ABS

  • Credit asset ABS

  • ABN and CMBN

  • Insurance assets supported ABS

  • CMBS and other ABS

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